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Wedding Party Designers have the sound equipment, the creativity and the knowledge to make your wedding an amazing sound experience,
from the speaker to the band performing or the DJ playing.

Celebrate your love through high fidelity sound during your special night. Because… infidelity is really not our thing!

Wedding Party Designers have the experience to setup the sound system and speakers for an incredible sound quality, no matter the size or location of the venue.

Our Special Design Sound Systems surely help to that end. A professional high quality sound system makes the songs sound better, gives just the right volume and enhances the beauty of the musical instruments.

Wedding Party Designers will hand pick a team of professional audio engineers according to the needs of your party and design the sound system that will make the soundtrack of your night a whole lot better!

If all these Sound good, contact us today to discuss it further and design the sound of your perfect night in detail.


Light Up Your Night with some
Special Lighting.
Nothing says “Party” as a good set of lighting,
one that really sets the mood.


Let’s find The One together!
Choose the best Wedding DJ for the best day of your life, among numerous professionals dedicated to Wedding Parties in Greece!

Special Constructions

Have a fairy-tale wedding with special constructions that will beautify your venue decor, add a touch of romance to your day and will create a dream-like feel .


Whatever Lighting Vision you may have for your dream wedding, Wedding Party Designers have the visual equipment, the creativity and the knowledge to make it true!

Dance Floor

Make your first dance a dream come true and have everyone dancing the night away at your Wedding Party!

Magic Mirror

Have your wedding pictures printed in less than 10 seconds, with the Magic Mirror Booth, the latest photo booth concept.


We have the sound equipment, the creativity and the knowledge to make your wedding an amazing sound experience,.

Wedding Letters

State your love for each other during your Wedding Party, with large light-up letters that will add a touch of glam and sparkle.

Gobo & Mapping projection

Gobo & Mapping projection
are two of the most exquisite
visual effects for parties

Dry Ice

Dry Ice, offers a
mystifying dancing on clouds experience for the newly weds!


Celebrate your Love for each other on your special day, with an epic fireworks display that will leave everyone in awe!

Wedding Concepts

Go all white, choose a 30s theme or even disco style. Come up with your own wedding concept even.

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